Please Note: IBFCSM applicants and candidates must personally decide how they wish to prepare for the certification examination. IBFCSM does not require any applicant or candidate to purchase study materials, textbooks, exam preparation resources, or attend any review or educational session to qualify for certification.




Trainer (Click Below)

Feb 21-22 Indianapolis, IN CHSP Vantage Point
Feb 26-27 Norman, OK CHSP (email) Paul Richter
March 13-14 Orlando,FL CHEP Paul Richter / FHA
March 21-22 Indianapolis, IN CEDP Vantage Point
April 17-18 Kingsport, TN CHEP (email) Paul Richter
April 18-19 Indianapolis, IN FSM Vantage Point
April 23-25 Livonia, MI CHSP Ken D. Smith / Healthcare Safety Services
April 24-25 Columbia, SC CHEP (email) Paul Richter
May 2-3 Orlando, FL CPSO SafTrac/Florida Hosp Assc.
May 8-9 Raleigh, NC CHSP SafTrac
May 10-11 Raleigh, NC CHEP SafTrac
May 17-18 Birmingham, AL CHSP SafTrac
May 22 Sleepy Hollow, NY CHEP (email) Leo DeBobes
June 19-20 Dallas/Ft Worth,TX CHSP SafTrac
June 20-21 Dallas/Ft Worth,TX CHEP SafTrac
June 28-29 PA (City TBD) CHSP Safety Training Innovators
July 10-11 Seattle, WA CHSP SafTrac
July 12-13 Seattle, WA CHEP SafTrac
July 24-25 Long Island, NY CHSP SafTrac
July 26-27 Long Island, NY CPSO SafTrac
Aug 6-7 CA (City TBD) CHSP Safety Training Innovators
Aug 8-9 CA (City TBD) CHEP Safety Training Innovators
Aug 21-22 Kansas City, MO CHSP SafTrac
Aug 23-24 Kansas City, MO CPSO SafTrac
Sept 11-12 Hartford, CT CHSP SafTrac
Sept 13-14 Hartford, CT CHEP SafTrac
Sept 18-19 Houston, TX CHSP SafTrac
Sept 19-20 Houston, TX CHEP SafTrac
Sept 20-21 Houston, TX CPSO SafTrac
Sept/Oct (TBD) Philadelphia, PA  CHSP SafTrac
Oct 1-2 Bloomington, IL CHEP SafTrac
Oct 3-4 Bloomington, IL CHSP SafTrac
Oct 17-18 Baton Rouge, LA CHEP SafTrac
Oct 18-19 Baton Rouge, LA CHSP SafTrac
Oct 22-23 MI (City TBD) CHSP Safety Training Innovators
Oct 24-25 Orlando, FL CHSN SafTrac/Florida Hosp Assc.
Nov 5-6 Minneapolis, MN CHSP SafTrac
Nov 7-8 Minneapolis, MN CHEP SafTrac
Nov 13-14 Sacramento, CA CHSP SafTrac
Nov 15-16 Sacramento, CA CHEP SafTrac
Dec 4-5 Atlanta, GA CHSP SafTrac
Dec 5-6 Atlanta, GA CPSO SafTrac
Dec 11-12 San Antonio, TX CHSP SafTrac
Dec 13-14 San Antonio, TX CHEP SafTrac

(Schedule Subject To Change Without Notice)

For those unable to attend a session, "Self-Study" courses are available: HERE

Jim Tweedy/SafTrac E-MAIL  
Paul Richter E-MAIL  

Ken D. Smith / Healthcare Safety Services

Charles Workman/HCA E-MAIL  
Leo DeBobes E-MAIL  
Barbara Pankoski E-MAIL WEB
Vantage Point Consulting E-MAIL WEB
TSIG Consulting, Inc.  E-MAIL WEB
Safety Training Innovators   E-MAIL WEB