FSM (Fire Safety Management) CHSP-FSM CHEP-FSM Certification

The International Board for Certification of Safety Managers, also known as BCHCM, was established in 1976 as a not-for-profit independent credentialing organization. The Board establishes certification and re-certification requirements for the Certified Healthcare Safety Professional - Fire Safety Management (CHSP-FSM) / (CHEP-FSM). The Board operates as an independent professional credentialing organization that is not affiliated with any other membership group, association, or lobbying body. The Board exists solely for the purpose of issuing individual certifications to qualified candidates. Our mission is to 'Upgrade the Profession' by offering real world and practical certifications.

FSM Background

IBFCSM is proud to announce that the Fire Safety Management (FSM) Designation is now available to individuals holding either the Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) or Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP) credential. The FSM can be added to either to the CHSP or CHEP but not both credentials. Upon passing the FSM Examination the certified member becomes either CHSP-FSM or CHEP-FSM credentialed. Any CHSP or CHEP member, in good standing, may apply to sit for the FSM exam by completing the on-line application. Candidates must also pay the current examination fee. There is no application fee. The Board does not need any additional supporting documentation or reference forms with the on-line application. The challenging FSM Exam contains 80 to 110 multiple choice questions. The exam does not contain questions requiring math or engineering calculations. The exam content is broad and can cover many fire related topics in addition to NFPA 101 and Accreditation Standards. The exam was developed by a Beta Team of practicing healthcare fire safety professionals.

FSM Exam Outline