About Us

The International Board for Certification of Safety Managers, also known as BCHCM, was established in 1976 as a not-for-profit independent credentialing organization. The Board establishes certification and re-certification requirements for the following credentials: 

(CHSP) Certified Healthcare Safety Professional
(CHCM) Certified Hazard Control Manager
(CHCM-SEC) Certified Hazard Control Manager - Security
(CPSO) Certified Patient Safety Officer
(CHEP) Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional
(CPSM) Certified Product Safety Manager
(CHSP-FSM) Certified Healthcare Safety Professional-Fire Safety Management
(CHEP-FSM) Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional-Fire Safety Management
(CEDP) Certified Emergency Disaster Professional
(CHSN) Certified in Healthcare Safety - Nursing
(CHS-LTC) Certified in Healthcare Safety - Long Term Care
(CHS-EVS) Certified in Healthcare Safety - Environmental Services


Certification Handbook (PDF)


The Board operates as an independent professional credentialing organization that is not affiliated with any other membership group, association, or lobbying body. The Board exists solely for the purpose of issuing individual certifications to qualified candidates. Our mission is to 'Upgrade the Profession' by offering real world and practical certifications.

Certification Objectives

  1. Evaluate and certify and re-certify the competency of qualified practitioners engaged in professional practice in their area of expertise.

  2. Raise the competency of those certified by encouraging the use of management, leadership, effective communication, and system principles to improve professional practice.

  3. Provide 'status and recognition' to individual practitioners who meet and maintain certification requirements.

  4. Facilitate the exchange of ideas to improve the professions in which we issue credentials.

  5. Promote the importance of professional education and collaboration in all certification areas.